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...On your way to the top, it's important to know how to break bread with others....

-Judith Ré

Manners, etiquette and the trademarked SOCIAL SAVVY® instructional technique

For almost as long as she has helped children brush up their social skills, Judith Ré has helped companies achieve better business results through more effective social interactions.  Working closely with Human Resources departments, she has listened to the specific needs of individual companies and tailored her program to address the real challenges people in business face.  Whether it be a group of Japanese executives learning about cultural differences or an American brushing up his corporate etiquette skills.  A formal program called Social Savvy® for Business is available to companies, hotels, resorts, and private groups.

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Judith Ré launched her unique Social Savvy® programs more than 24 years ago at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston.  Over the years, she has conducted the award-winning programs across the country at top hotels, private schools, international corporations, country clubs, working with an ambassador or side by side with foreign interpreters.  Available in several different formats the Social Savvy® program can be private one on one or a group structure.
Universities, schools, alumni associations and private clubs can use Social Savvy® as the hook for an effective special event.  Experienced in presenting the core of JRA's program in many different forums, Judith Ré will adapt the content to the size of the group with varying degrees of audience participation and the option of breaking out into smaller teams or groups. JRA can adapt the content to focus on social situations or skew it to cover material important to movers and shakers in the business world.

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Judith Ré began her trademarked Social Savvy® program for children more than 24 years ago at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston.  This successful program was in 7 cities across the United States on a regular basis. The cities of Boston, New York, LA, Seattle, Cleveland, New Orleans, San Francisco enjoyed the award winning program. Ms. Ré has instructed thousands of children over the years.  Available in one-day or two -day formats, the Social Savvy® course includes proper introductions, table setting and manners, food preparation and presentation, land and cell telephone etiquette, thank you note writing, polite conversation, health care, dancing and "mishaps" . Optional flower arranging and pastry making can often be added to the schedule.

A "hands-on" approach makes the experience fun and participatory for the children.  Each child receives a certificate upon successful completion of the program.  Social Savvy® is a great birthday party idea for a group of children or an easy way to bring the whole family together.

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Particularly popular as an antidote to pre-wedding jitters, Social Savvy® is also appropriate for other occasions in life that require savoir faire.  Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, christenings, reunions, even funerals call for special know-how.  Social Savvy® can pave the way for a problem-free experience and remove the question marks that can make all the difference.

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With the warmth and understanding of a personal friend, Judith Ré will provide one-on-one instruction on topics that cause particular stress or discomfort.  At home or in a restaurant, alone or with other family members or friends, students learn how to put their best foot forward in all of the situations that arise in the course of life.  After one or more sessions with Judith Ré students know how to avoid pitfalls and how to recover when the inevitable sticky situations of life come their way.

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