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Manners, etiquette and the trademarked SOCIAL SAVVY® instructional technique

Moment of Manners®
Something you've said in anger about your friend to someone else is repeated to her. Now she is confronting you.  "How could you have said that about me?" she practically screams.  " I thought you were my friend?" What should you do?

Your first temptation may be to deny the whole thing.  Don't do it. she knows the truth, and asking her to believe otherwise would only make her feel even more distrustful of you than she already is....

Acknowledge you said it, explaining you were very angry when you blurted out the words.  Then apologize for hurting and move on to express why you said it at all.  Speak truthfully but carefully.  "Of course I didn't mean it when I said you always brag about how well you do...  But I didn't feel good when you kept talking about high score when I only got an average score is a good example.  It makes it clear you were exaggerating because you were hurt.  This will make the whole unfortunate circumstance a little easier to understand and thus easier to forget.  It will ring true because it is true.  Your friend will be able to regain some faith in you, and both you and she will have learned when to keep both of your mouths closed.

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Miss Judith came if she had a black belt in etiquette...they took to her immediately.

    -Yankee Magazine

She also completed an extended engagement as a media spokesperson on cell phone etiquette for the Sprint Corporation.  Ms. Re's polish and wit as a speaker are increasingly well known.
Europeans traditionally pack their offspring off to finishing school in Switzerland....happily Americans need travel no improve with Social Savvy

    -The Best Report

Christian Science Monitor
New York Magazine
Boston Magazine
Travel & Leisure
Robb Report, Associated Press
Hartford Courant
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Wilton Online, and many other local newspapers.
After 24 years, The Judith Ré Academie continues to conduct the Social Savvy® programs
at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Boston.